Thursday, July 4, 2013

Broderbund Family Tree Maker Family Archive CDs, TAKE 3....


I have to honestly say that I feel very blessed to have had a number of other genealogists assist me in my hunt for the Broderbund Family Tree Maker CDs!  

I did not check the mail yesterday, so when I went to the postbox today to pick up the mail, I was ecstatic to learn that I had received not just ONE package, but TWO of the Broderbund Family Tree Maker CDs! 

I will be updating the original file with all the "new" CDs I have received, located at the following link in just a few minutes!

Original FTM Post: 

I am still on the hunt for the four CDs that I had posted about on June 21st, but I have hopes that some other genealogists will be able to provide me with them somewhere in the near future.

For reference, those CDs were: 

  • CD# 15, Family Pedigrees: Everton Publishers, 1500-1900

  • CD# 18, Family Queries: Everton΄s Computerized "Roots" Cellar, 1640-1990 

  • CD# 100, Family Pedigrees: United Ancestries, 1500-1990 (2 discs) 

  • CD# 108, Family Pedigrees: Gentech95 and ARI, 1500-1989) 

I will be updating the family files tonight and will be posting more later!

~ Vince ~ 

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