Friday, June 21, 2013

Broderbund Family Tree Maker Family Archive CDs, revisited...

Back in December of 2012 I had posted about the Broderbund Family Tree Maker / Family Archive CDs 

( -- which I just updated to reflect new content as of 21 June 2013)

Well, today I would like to revisit that post....

I am posting this in hopes that someone can help me out...

I am looking for 4 of the old Broderbund Family Tree Maker / Family Archive CDs -- specifically numbers 15, 18, 100 & 108...

CD# 15 is Family Pedigrees: Everton Publishers, 1500-1900

CD#  18 is Family Queries: Everton΄s Computerized "Roots" Cellar, 1640-1990 

CD#  100 is Family Pedigrees: United Ancestries, 1500-1990 (2 discs) 

CD#  108 is Family Pedigrees: Gentech95 and ARI, 1500-1989

Yes, I know this data is all online, but I am hoping to find these CDs regardless for their data and to check the accuracy of the records against that which I have on file and have found online, as well as to obtain more source documentation. 

If anyone has these CDs still, I would like to rent or purchase them from you, or even provide you with some other form of compensation for the use of the CDs for even one day...

Please, if anyone has these CDs, please send me a message or respond to this post.

Thank you.

Vince Zangari
Zangari Genealogy

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