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Rooting the Nook vs. Side Loading a Custom ROM

I had written an article back on March 7th, 2012, at 9:40 pm, about rooting the Nook verses side loading a completely different and customized ROM -- it appears in my dashboard but for some reason it did not post, and I am just now noticing, since I was looking around for the post.

So, here is an updated version of the post, with the original link content and sans the witty personal opinions and senseless diatribes.

I will be periodically posting new links and new information with an edit or repost of this thread,and will update the date below to reflect the different edit dates and times.

~ Vince ~ 

1:13 PM 7/17/2013 - Don't root your nook, install a MicroSD card with Android OS on it!,news-11905.html,2817,2392968,00.asp

I had followed all these processes before, and I had no problem creating a new file system and side loading a new OS from the MicroSD Card, but I honestly do not want to do that again!

I want to completely erase the Nook Color's stock OS, then install a completely new/"Nooted" OS, where I can utilize the full built in 8 GB internal memory for apps, books, etc.

~ Vince ~ 

9:50 AM 7/31/2013 -- nookDevs  

OK, I am in the process of rooting my Nook Color, so I am going to be adding some links here.

I had -- once upon a time -- written a blog about not rooting the nook color, just about dual booting it, but I have now decided I am pissed off enough with my Nook Color force closing because of the Adobe Mobile Reader Technology that I am going to force the Nook to take a REAL Android OS, such as the Cyanogen Mod for the Nook Color. Here is a Cyanogen Mod Wiki on the Nook Color, code name Encore...  

Here is another site that has some cool instructions on rooting the Nook Color with Cyanogen...there are tons of links and many instructions, which have been broken down for everyone's convenience...

I am also looking through all the instructions over on the XDA Developers Forums, I have installed the Eclipse Standard and Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, the Android SDK, Net Beans IDE, and I am wasting time watching a lot of YouTube videos on rooting ("Nooting") the Nook Color as well.  

I hope to get this Nook Color "Nooted" by the end of the day, so that I can begin installing all the necessary .APK files (Android Packages). 

I will update more later, once I have had a chance to get this arduous task completed...

~ Vince ~ 

10:32 PM 8/12/2013 -- An Update to the NOOK COLOR ROOTING PROCESS

I should have written a week ago...I had finally rooted ("Nooted") my Nook Color as of Monday August 5th, only took me a little over two weeks to study up and figure out how to do everything, and most of that time it was all just trial and error!

I had a lot of failures -- too many to count -- before figuring out what was going on with my Nook Color (hereafter referred to as "NC"), including having lost access to my keyboard for a very long week -- thankfully my books were still there and the touch screen still worked, even if it would not bring up the keyboard.

I would up fully factory resetting my NC, but it still did not bring up the keyboard.

That is what lead me to the inevitable "CARPE DIEM!!!" that I usually reserve for when I know I am going to be doing something really crazy and that I should know better than to do but just still throw caution to the wind any way.

I began the rooting process, but the instructions I followed were a conflagration of so many website articles and YouTube videos that I could not even begin to count or list them all -- but I did book mark them!

So, one of these days I will perform searches throughout all the browsers I had used to research with and I will move all the relevant links into a folder and then export that folder to an HTML file for sharing here later. That is not what this post is about,

Let me first say that by having a rooted NC, there are some really cool features I wanted to share...

FIRST, longer battery life! No joke, my battery lasts about a day and a half extra from what it used to use...that was a pretty cool perk, if you ask me....

SECOND, you have full access to the Android Market/Google Play and pretty much all the apps your device can handle! (OK, so I still cannot install ALDIKO or CALIBRE 2 OPDS onto my rooted NC, to replace that gosh-awful Adobe Reader app, but darn it I am working on it! LOL!)

THIRD, you have more freedom with your device -- something which I really do value.


Here are the tools which I used and which you would need, were you to try your hand at rooting a NC also:

1. A Micro SD Card (hereafter referred to as "MSDC") with a Card Reader (such as the one found HERE) or a Micro SD to USB adapter (Like Here, and Here, and Here) which is at least 8 Gigabytes in size -- you'll thank me later...

2. WinRAR -- this is the best file archiving and file compression software that I have ever used, and believe me, I have been around far too long and have done far too much to ever go back to WinZIP or WinACE for anything! When this program can download a 7 to 9 megabyte file, extract it and turn the whole thing into a file that is between 1 GB to 8 GBs, yeah, I am gonna stick with that program, although I would love to know the compression ratio and algorithm which the packager had used...

3. You will need the "1gb_clockwork-" image and you will need the Manual Nooter file (the one that I used for my Nook Color is named "") -- leave this as a zip file! The file will be copied to the Micro SD Card later...

4. You will need Win32 Disk Imager to write the above (and all subsequent) image files to the SD card -- DON'T PANIC! (thanks Douglas Adams) This program is free and open source!

5. You will need SD Formatter V4.0 or greater (this is to rip and rebuild partitions on the SD card) -- this is also free and open source software!

You will also need either the Clock Work Mod for the NC (hereafter referred to as "CWM") or the Encore Edition of the Cyanogen Mod  (hereafter referred to as "CM")



First, I had downloaded all the apps to one folder on my desktop -- much easier to find everything that way.

Second, I slid my MSDC into the full sized SD adapter, then slid it into the corresponding slot on my laptop.

Third, I formatted the MSDC using the Windows format tool, using the FAT32 file system.

Fourth, I had then used the SD Formatter v4.0 program to make sure that the MSDC was completely formatted & erased.

Fifth, I used WinRAR to extract the file to it's own folder. Initially, the file was just under 4 MBs; once the file was extracted, it expanded to 1 GB!

Sixth, I used the Win32 Disk Imager program to write the image file to the MSDC.

Seventh, I had added the Manual Nooter file ("") to the MSDC.

Eighth, I had added the CM file "" to the MSDC.

Ninth, I had closed all my open folders and safely ejected the full size SD card out of my computer, then removed the MSDC from the full sized SD.

Tenth, I made sure the power was off on my NC and inserted the MSDC, then powered on the NC once more. The result was that the image file on the MSDC took precedence over the NC's OS and allowed me to boot off the MSDC.

Once the image file took over, I was able to "install zip from card" and installed the Manual Nooter file (there is an Auto-Nooter file, but I tried that and it did not work for me). Once the Manual Nooter was installed, I automatically had root (super user) access to my NC.

HOWEVER, most of the articles I had read kept saying to install GApps (Google Apps, such as GMail, Drive, G+, etc), which is what kept causing problems, come to find out, because the Manual Nooter all ready had these files built in and was made to work with this version prior to the "upgrades".

SO,  I had to root,  then reboot once more onto the MSDC, install CM 10, then flash it backwards from the NC OS 1.4.3 to NC OS 1.2.0, then root once more, then I had full access to my keyboard and all the built in apps, such as the original Android Market (which I liked better, btw) before Google decided to auto-update the apps and change the Market to the Play store.

I have been testing my NC and it's functionality for a week now and I am loving having access to the Google Play store for all my app needs -- 98% of which are all free (such as all the Google apps, a few notepad apps, genealogy apps, multiple browsers, multiple video players so I can convert movies and shows and store home movies in any media file format I want and watch them on my NC, some free games for my children to play, etc.).

Heck, I even have a modified version of Open Office on my NC now! The only app which I will eventually have to pay for (because it's only around $5.00 and because I want it) is SQLite Editor, otherwise, I have virtually every single app I need at my fingertips now, and all because I rooted my NC.

Eventually I may just remove the original NC OS entirely, and install in it's place a different OS, possibly even something more directly Linux-based, such as (*shudder*) Ubuntu with the "Unity" Desktop Environment (DTE) or even better yet -- ARCH LINUX, as is found in this guide!

Anyway, I have purchased a stylus that will work with the NC and it's capacitive touch screen and I have also purchased a physical keyboard/case for my NC (something like those found here) from; now all I need to purchase is the adapter which goes between the keyboard and the NC, and I will have a full fledged Android Tablet/PC to take with me to read, to play, to perform genealogy on the go with out having to lug around my laptop, extra keyboard, external mice, etc!

I will use my Samsung Galaxy SIII, with it's 8MP camera, to take photos on the go, and I will be able to record all the details of what I am doing with out compromising space and encumbering myself!

Now if only I could get ALDIKO running I would be all set! ;-)

~ Vince ~    


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