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History of Bridgewater - Abbreviations

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History of Bridgewater - Abbreviations

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Nahum Mitchell
History of Bridgewater

Abbreviations taken from page 83, the first page of the Family Registers:
* — added to a name or date of a birth, signifies that the person died in youth or without issue
a. — before a date, stands for about
b. — born
d. — death or died
D. — daughter
Ds. — daughters
gra. — graduate or graduated
m. — married
s. — son
ss. — sons
w. — wife
B. U. — Brown University
E. B. — East Bridgewater
H. U. — Harvard University
N. B. — North Bridgewater
S. P. — South Parish of Bridgewater, now Bridgewater
Tit. — Titicut
W. B. — West Bridgewater

Note from page 8:
   The reader is informed that besides the abbreviations noticed at the head of the Register, the initials only of the neighboring and adjoining towns are often used; as A. for Abington, C. for Canton, E. for Easton, H. for Halifax, M. for Middleborough, P. for Pembroke, R. for Raynham, S. or St. for Stoughton, T. for Taunton, &c.

Other abbreviations:
æ. — age; aged
S. B. — South Bridgewater or Titicut

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