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Ebenezer Orcutt Jr (b. 10 AUG 1727, Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; d. 15 APR 1833, ???)

m. 09 DEC 1753, Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, to

Jane Pratt (b. abt 1735, Cohasset, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA; d. ???, ???).

Together, they had 12 children, 3 of whom were supposedly named MOSES ORCUTT.

The oldest Moses was born about 1754 and supposedly died before January 1762.

The middle Moses was born about 1762 and died before 16 May 1778.

The final Moses was born 16 May 1778; at this time I have yet to find a date of death for him...


He had supposedly and some how married one Sarah Keith (b. 15 July 1780, Chesterfield, Massachusetts) and had a child named Betsey Orcutt who had died in 1843, but not before she married a man named Howard Z. Lambkin and not before they had a baby girl named Susan Lambkin (b. 28 MAR 1836; d. 20 MAY 1921).

Susan Lambkin supposedly married Lewis James Irish (b. 8 MAR 1833; d. 23 APR 1909) and had 3 children with him between 1861 and 1870.

I hypothesize that it was NOT the eldest Moses, but more likely the youngest Moses whose family this had been, but I would need to do more research into this dilemma first...


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  1. Hey Vince - my Orcutt data matches up with yours listed above. The third Moses (b. 1778) had two wives: Sarah, who you mention above, and then Phoebe Robinson. Betsey was his 4th of 6 kids with Sarah, and he had two more with Phoebe (only one of those living to maturity).

    Not entirely sure where you see the dilemma if the question is about the three Moses's. They were certainly bent on naming a child Moses that would live to maturity - no doubt because Jane's dad was a Moses. The Moses who lived to adulthood did the same thing with the name Lyman, naming two kids Lyman - the first dying young as well. The first two Moses' births and deaths are recorded in MA State Records. There's a link to those actual documents over at

    Hope that's helpful.

    Matt Getz

  2. The first Moses was the one who died young but is listed as having the 3 wives. That is where the relational conundrum takes place, which Moses actually had the three wives and are we sure that all three wives belonged to the third instead of the second and third...

  3. And Matt, glad to see you back on! Still waiting to share that info if you have settled in and have the time to chat sometime! Send me a message on here, on my email or on Facebook!

  4. Yeah, that's a mismatch for sure. It was Moses (b. 1778) who had the three wives. Moses (b. 1754) and Moses (b. 1762) had no wives (and of course, didn't live into maturity).

    With summer here and the kids out of school (and activities), I'm definitely getting on more. I'll drop you an email within the next week. Take care.

  5. BTW Matthew, are you ever going to approve my membership to your site, lol