Tuesday, May 14, 2013



So I have been searching through this website which was labeled in such a manner as to make me believe it may be out of copyright. On all pages, it lists "Copyright © 2003-2008 ------ All rights reserved."

So, I was wondering...does this mean that the website is now out of copyright or just that the page has not been updated since the last copyright notice was posted? 

The reason I ask is because I am wondering if the information contained therein is now subject to the "Fair Use Doctrine"of copyright and intellectual property laws. 

More over, I believe the creator of said intellectual property is deceased. I have found an obituary from 2011 for the person I believe to be the author, and it seems as if the content (roughly 1,000 or so pages) of online data has not been updated since 2008...

Hmmmm....going to have to research that further....

~ Vince ~ 


  1. I believe a copyright is in effect for 100 years (again it varies). Public records can not be copyrighted per say although the compilation can be. So if someone chose to use a whole collection of records from Ancestry as is you would be violating the copyright. Obits are funny - as long as one or two words are changed in the article the copyright no longer applies. If however you also use a pic posted from the obit then you have violated copyright.
    My suggestion, use snippets, link back to the original site and source the materiel but make a copy of the record for yourself.

  2. Darn, I wish I had posted the link to the page...now I forget which one it was! lol