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And Eva Orcutt Mason family photos

Photos and information submitted by Ben Cooley of Woodburn, Oregon,
grandson of Prof. J. H. Orcutt
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orcutt_jh_b.jpg (21226 bytes)Julius Hiram Orcutt
Born 1845 Warren Co., NY; Married Emma Wade Sept 14, 1867 in Maquoketa, Jackson Co., IA
orcutt_emma_b.jpg (23092 bytes)Emma Justina (Wade) Orcutt, born April 11, 1848 at French Creek, Chautauqua Co, NY, and died February 13, 1915 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR.
orcutt_emma_1867_b.jpg (56897 bytes)Emma Wadetin type photo, about 1867
The Orcutt Family
Emma (Wade) Orcutt; Eva Jeanette Orcutt; sitting between parents -  Elsie Alberta Orcutt; Ettie Estelle Orcutt; Julius Hiram Orcutt; Albert Newton Orcutt
orcutt_ettie.jpg (17734 bytes)Ettie Estelle Orcutt(b. January 12, 1871, Bridgeport, IA), 2nd daughter of Julius and Emma Orcutt
orcutt_elsie_1904_b.jpg (36018 bytes)
Elsie Alberta Orcutt, 1904
3rd daughter of J.H. Orcutt, b. Nov. 05, 1875, Delmar, Clinton Co., IA; Died, Feb. 22, 1922, Tualatin, Washington Co., OR. Married, July 28, 1909, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR to Joseph Churchill Ryan.
orcutt_albert_n_1899.jpg (14012 bytes)Albert Newton Orcutt, 1899;  b. Feb 13, 1878 Delmar, Clinton Co., IA; m. Sept. 03, 1902 Oakland, Douglas Co., OR to Dora Franklin Page; d. June 12, 1957 Portland, Multnomah Co., OR. Albert attended Cornell College and taught in Iowa before moving to Oregon.
orcutt_gena_3.jpg (41507 bytes)Gena L. Orcutt, 4th daughter of Julius Orcutt, born in Odebolt, IA May 10, 1889. Age 2 1/2 years when photo was taken in Maquoketa, Jackson Co. IA, where her grandmother, Marion J. Rhodes, was living.
orcutt_gena_1895.jpg (25045 bytes)Gena Orcutt, 1895 in Odebolt
orcutt_gena_benj_cooley.jpg (19773 bytes)Benjamin Walter Cooley and Gena Leila Orcutt, Married April 27, 1918, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR


orcutt_eva_mason_arthur_b.jpg (53510 bytes)Arthur Lawrence Mason & Eva Jeanette Orcuttmarried April 5, 1888 in Odebolt.

orcutt_arthur_mason_b.jpg (50192 bytes)Arthur L. Mason
Greenbush Stock Farm

orcutt_mason_arthur_eva_chester_1901_b.jpg (53466 bytes)Arthur, Eva and Chester Mason, about 1901 at Green Bush Farm near Early, Sac County
orcutt_masons_50th_april_1938.jpg (26163 bytes)Arthur L. Mason and Eva J. Mason, 50th wedding anniversary, April 1938.
orcutt_mason_family_june1924.jpg (60821 bytes)The Mason Family, June 1924
*see identities below
orcutt_eva_mason_aug_1939.jpg (23295 bytes)Eva (Orcutt) Mason
August 1939
Eva (Orcutt) Mason was the first daughter of Julius & Emma Orcutt.  She was born September 02, 1868 in Maquoketa, Jackson Co., IA and died August 22, 1955 in Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co. IA.  She married Arthur Lawrence Mason April 5, 1888 in Odebolt, Sac Co., IA.  They lived near Early, IA at Greenbush Stock Farm, where all their children were born and raised. Arthur was the son of Anderson Mason who had a farm in Boyer Valley, Sac Co.
Chester Mason is oldest son of Eva Orcutt and Arthur Mason. He was born June 19, 1889, Greenbush Stock Farm, Early, Sac Co., IA, and died December 24, 1954 at Early, Sac Co.
Picture taken on Arthur Mason's 60th birthday, Left to Right:
Front:(1) Emma Marion Mason, b. Dec. 01, 1895, Greenbush, Early, Sac Co.; d. Sept 15, 1977, Ida Grove. Married, Carle Cunningham April 05, 1916, Early, IA. (2) Eva Orcutt Mason
(3) Vergie May Mason, b. Aug. 04, 1892, Greenbush, d. March 03, 1944, Des Moines, IA,
Married, Walter Little July 21, 1915, Early, IA. (2 other marriages 1. Lewis Wilcox,
12/15/28; 2. Clifford Miller, 10/08/36.).
Rear: (1) Chester Lawrence Mason, b. June 19, 1889, Greenbush, d. Dec. 24, 1954 Early, IA
Married, Anna Reiff June 24, 1924, Early, IA; (2) Duane Elmer Mason, b. Dec 15, 1897, Greenbush; d. April 29, 1975, Greenbush, Early, IA. Married Clara Baxter, Oct 13, 1919, Sac City, Sac Co., IA; (3) Arthur Lawrence Mason
Contact Ben Cooley for information on this family.  
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