Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family Tree Legends REVISITED...

Originally posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Revisiting for updated information. 

Family Tree Legends is now 100% FREE!
Download the software from here. (now leads to
When you are asked to enter a serial number, enter the following: 1A752-42184-B74A3-AD752


Family Tree Legends has been purchased by; so, while the software is still free, you would need to find the installation file or compromise and use My Heritage's Family Tree Builder software (which I am not keen on, but I do like the reports it generates).  

Since the old download link now leads to the My Heritage site, I thought it prudent to share this with the rest of the genealogical community.

In an effort to keep a great and simplistic piece of software readily available for everyone, I have searched the internet for everyone and have found the best download site for it:

There are three links listed on that site, one for the USA, one for the UK, and the last for the RO...please make sure that when you download the software to use the above information, which was what was posted on the company's website before the download page transferred to the website.

~ Vince ~ 

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