Sunday, August 5, 2012

BASE Sommergibili Mediterranei -> Inc. Leggeri Classe Duca D'Aosta

BASE Sommergibili Mediterranei -> Inc. Leggeri Classe Duca D'Aosta

I really need to invest more time in studying my family's maritime journeys...I have learned so much lately about my father's family and their travels from Italy to the United States; the ships they traveled on were integral parts of their journey. Ships were the great steeds our ancestors had ridden into new and different lands...I feel it's time we all showed these trusted steeds their honored respects...

The page I am posting is in Italian, but if you are using Google Chrome, it will automatically translate it to English for you. The page I am sharing has photographs of the Duca d'Aosta, a ship some of my family members traveled on in March of 1920.

I look forward to learning more about the ships my ancestors traveled on and the history of each of these gallant steeds....

Here are the passenger manifests and a few other photos of the Duca d'Aosta, from March 27th, 1920...line numbers 12, 13, 14 and 15 are my family members of both pages...

Duca d'Aosta Passenger Manifest, Page 1 of 2


Duca d'Aosta Passenger Manifest, Page 2 of 2


From a painting/post card: 

Front View, Photo: 

Side View, Photo: 


This was just one of the mighty steeds that carried my family across the ocean...there were many more between the years 1878 and into the mid 1920's, and that was just on my father's father's side. 

Kind of makes you wonder what the ships were like previous to steam engine technology and how the passengers (our ancestors!) handled traveling over the high seas to the wonderful land of America...

The furthest back I have gone thus far for my ancestors is on my mom's side, to the year 1600, when her ancestor traveled from London, England, to America. 

Think about it for a moment, the year 1600...this was all most 100 years before the Salem Witch Trials...everyone who came to America at that time arrived in or near to Boston, Massachusetts, and many made residences close to there, including the towns of Ipswitch (once called Agawam), Danvers (once called Salem Village), Salem (called Salem Town), Peabody and Glouster, not to mention Georgetown and Haverhill. 

The people who made homes and lives in those times...imagine what it was like for them...imagine the ships they took, the conditions they had to endure, the food they had to eat...try NOT to imagine what the bathroom situations were like on board those ships...try NOT to think about how they had to use out houses and/or bed pans once they were on land...try NOT to think how they did not have electricity, or how they did not at that time have the freedoms we do now...

You're thinking about those things now, aren't you? 


It's thinking like this that allows us to tell the story of our ancestors, by describing the conditions which they lived in, as well as their family part, there will be generalizations, but on the whole, everyone should thank their ancestors for the wonderful gift of LIFE they now have...

I am doing my part to honor my ancestors daily...this blog, the website, the social networking, the extensive is all my small way of saying "thank you"...

~ Vince ~ 

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