Friday, August 10, 2012

Death Records, Social Security Death Index Master File, Family Findings

So while searching the Internet for "Social Security Death Index CD DVD", I happened upon the above website...tucking it away here for reference, because I am sure that I will use it again!

I have been researching my mother's family, and I have been looking more and more at all the ancestors I currently have and have been going over them again with a fine tooth comb, so to speak. I have checked more and more census data, finding more and more images of the censuses from London, England and from Aberkenfig, Glamorgan, Wales.

These have lead me to the states of New York, Connecticut, Maine and then Massachusetts, in that order. It is amazing when a couple has children in Wales, then in England, then in the United States -- especially when the majority of children born over seas stayed over seas.

One of my mom's ancestors was James Ridler; he was born December 24th, 1857 in Loxborough, Somerset, England. He married a woman named Mary Ann Wilmott who was born in November of either of 1852 or 1854 in Somerton, Somerset, England.

The 1881 Wales census shows they had three children born in Aberkenfig, Glamorgan, Wales. Passenger manifests and corresponding census data show they also had another child in Cambridge, London, England.

Birth certificates, death certificates and census data show they also had a child born in New Rochelle, New York, USA then the family moved to Connecticut, and they had six more children thereafter, totaling a whopping eleven children!

The oldest child (James H. Ridler) was born about 1875. The next in line was Mary A. Ridler, born about 1878; then, Eliza J. Ridler who was born about 1880. These are the three children who remained overseas.

Next down the line was Eleanor Mary Ridler, born in Cambridge, England in March of 1883; she traveled with her parents at the age of 17 from England to the United States in 1891.

Harriett B. Ridler was born in New Rochelle, New York, on March 16th, 1892; then Florence May Ridler was born in Connecticut in May of 1894.

James and Mary Ann didn't stop there though, because in June of 1896 they gave birth to Robert Ridler in Connecticut, and I have record of four more children whose dates of births I do not have on file yet. Those four children were Alfred, Bill (possibly "William"), Suzna (not sure if spelling is correct; my mom has many memories of Suzna from when she was a child) and Ruby...still looking for more information about their lives and deaths, and I know I will find it eventually...

I wish they had the Social Security Death Index back then, at the times of their births. Thankfully, some of the children of James Ridler and Mary Ann Wilmott were young enough, so they may have been issued Social Security Numbers (SSNs) prior to their deaths.

I will check the above website to see, cross reference it with the old Broderbund Family Tree Maker Family Archive CD # 110, which has the Social Security Death Index from 1937 to 1999...that should help for cross referencing the names in the indexes, but still, to make certain, I will also cross reference them in either Fold3, Family Search or Genealogy Bank.

I will write an update to this post if and when I find the elusive ancestors...

~ Vince ~  

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