Tuesday, July 17, 2012


OK, so this is my first post on the Zangari Genealogy blog, and it is not going to contain much, just a quick like to the website as well as to the Facebook profile, and a little about me...

About Me:

My name's Vince Zangari and I have been working on my family history (electronically) since about 1999, but have been saving the family history since about 1990 in various forms (obituaries, marriage notices, birth announcements, etc.)

I still use Family Tree Maker 5 by Broderbund, and every time I have tried something else, I have not liked it at all, including the Ancestry.com 2009 version of Family Tree Maker.

I recently purchased Family Tree Maker versions 7 and 9 and 10, but I did not like version 10 at all -- it corrupted my data! So, I will stick to using 5, 7, and 9...all of which are also portable and small enough to fit on a flash drive for portability, along with my family tree files so I can do my genealogy work on the go.

Anyway, check out me out at www.Facebook.com/zangarigenealogy  and check out my website www.ZangariGenealogy.info and lastly, check out the e-tree on MyHeritage -- vzangari.myheritage.com 

Thanks, and I will catch you all again soon! =)


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